Feel Like You've Tried Everything to Get Rid of Your Acne?

See clearer skin after just one visit to our Billings, MT med spa

If you're convinced that nothing you try will eliminate your acne, you haven't tried an acne clearance treatment yet. Plush Skincare Studio, a Billings, MT-based med spa, uses specialty equipment to target and reduce stubborn acne.

Here's what to expect during your procedure:

  • An Plush Skincare Studio technician will apply ultrasound gel to your treatment area to prevent discomfort.
  • Using a specialized handheld device, we'll apply preprogrammed pulses of light over your acne treatment area.
  • We'll ask you about your comfort level throughout your treatment.

Feel confident in your own skin again. Schedule an appointment at your convenience.

What we'll discuss during your consultation

Your Plush Skincare Studio technician will ask you about...

  • Your medical history, including any skin disorders
  • Your expectations for your acne treatment
  • Your preferred treatment schedule

These questions might seem personal, but they'll help our specialists configure the equipment to provide the best results. Make an appointment at our Billings, MT med spa by contacting us today.