Permanent Makeup FAQ

What Type of Permanent Cosmetic Service is Best for MY Eyebrows?

POWDER FILLED Powder fill techniques and pigments have come a LONG way and the results that we have with our clients is soft and powdery, often undetectable from traditional cosmetic pencils, except that they are perfectly applied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

BOLD BROW This method has been very popular around the world for decades. Often European clients (and others) will request a "BLOCK" brow. This is similar to the powder fill, although it uses concentrated pigments that are implanted in a very dense manner. We do offer this service VERY SELECTIVELY, as this is the most permanent of all of the brow techniques; therefore, it requires a very serious, very long-term commitment.

HAIR STROKE This type of brow is taking the industry by storm. Once your shape has been drawn, each hair stroke is individually implanted with pigment to give the appearance of actual "hairs" in a beautiful pattern. The simulated hairs are not "mirror imaged" from one brow to another, they flow with your natural hairs that are growing in your brow area. This style brow works best on skin that tends to be dry (free from oil and hormonal perspiration) and is relatively smooth. Heavy lines and wrinkles, large pores and sun-damaged skin do not allow the delicate hair strokes to be placed in the skin

Are there any contraindications for having permanent makeup or microblading?

Candidates who may be contraindicated include people with diabetes, pregnant and lactating women, people with glaucoma, people who are taking blood-thinning medicines (e.g. aspirin), Cortisone, Steroids, Acutaine, Retin-A, Renova. You must have written permission from your physician if you are taking Coumadin or Heparin. People with skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, undiagnosed rashes and blisters and those with easily trigged post inflammatory hyper pigmentation are not good candidates. Also contraindicated are individuals who are attempting to cover or camouflage Telangiectasia or birthmarks. Additionally, herpes simplex was once considered a contraindication, however, with the advent of medications to control the viral breakout, herpes is no longer considered a contraindication.

How many appointments will I need?

The color application process typically requires two appointments. The first appointment will lay the foundation and framework for the shape and color. During that appointment, we will likely encounter swelling, fluids and other challenges related to working with skin. During the healing process, the color on the surface of the skin will exfoliate and the color implanted in the dermal layer will surface. Over 4-6 weeks, the color will continue to evolve slightly. A second appointment should occur between your 1-month mark (1 month for eyeliner and 6 weeks for brows) and 12 weeks. We feel 12 weeks is plenty of time to schedule your touch-up. Light spots and a lighter layer of color will be completely normal and the second appointment will typically complete the process and intensify the color. Minor changes may be made at this time. Because we are dealing with skin and healing in a variety of conditions, we cannot guarantee that two appointments will be all that is needed to complete the process. However, a third appointment is rarely necessary and when it is, it is likely for the personal preference of the client and not because it is required for color retention. Touch-up appointment fees are less than the first appointment fees.

When will I be able to see the results?

Results are seen immediately although the full end result is seen in approximately four weeks. The color will soften and the light crusting will be almost gone in 7-15 days. Most procedures require a follow-up appointment. Follow-up appointments are scheduled 4-6 weeks later. Additional charges will apply for follow-up appointments.

What will it look like immediately after? The color will be darker for the first 7-15 days?

That is because color is both implanted in the dermal layer of the skin and it also sits on top of the skin (that is the slight crusting) and will get a softer look over 2 to 6 weeks.

I attend the gym regularly or I am in body competitions/training for an upcoming event, or I am an avid swimmer.

If any of the above applies to you, YOU are a perfect person for our services; HOWEVER you really need to think about the investment that you are about to make. Eyeliner generally heals BEAUTIFULLY with ONE week of proper care and powder filled brows and hair stroke brow technique requires ONE - TWO WEEKS OF CARE. Any perspiration or over exertion will compromise this work of art we have just placed in your skin. SALT is used to REMOVE pigment, and hundreds of talented, educated technicians have all been documenting results that have shown a DRAMATIC improvement in retaining pigment if you can make this commitment to the healing time. Please don't book if you can't make this commitment. Remember, it is just as important to us that your permanent makeup heals beautifully

Is it really permanent? Do I have to do the procedure again?

All permanent cosmetic procedures FADE, some may fade away completely over time. Sun exposure, anti-aging creams, skin care treatments, hormones, medications, etc. do affect the pigment. The pigment particles are placed into the dermal layer of the skin and remain there permanently, hence the name PERMANENT cosmetics. This is not meant to imply that your pigments will look the same forever...

I noticed the top and bottom lines do not connect in the corners of the eyes. Is there a reason for that?

We cannot connect the eyeliner in the corners because you may experience something called migration. The tissue in the corner of the eye is very thin and the pigment may travel in the skin creating a cloudy or smudgy appearance, leaving a very undesirable look to the eyeliner. You may see examples online of work from permanent makeup artist where the corners ARE connected, but the migration can still occur anytime. We decline this request because we will not take any chances.

Will you add a wing to the corner of the top liner?

We can, but will do so only after consulting with you on the long-term implications. First and foremost is that over time, it does not age well. Eyes change dramatically as we get older. While the "wing" may be lifted out or up when we apply it, it will eventually droop down and appear miss-placed or miss-shaped. Due to the fact that some color may always stay in your skin, the eyeliner may not be easily color-boosted years later if the wing needs reshaping. We usually recommend a more natural eyeliner that compliments the shape of your eye. We can often provide a subtle lift to the outer corners.

My lips are no longer evenly shaped and I was interested in permanent lip liner to reshape them. Is this possible?

Lips are the most challenging service we offer. Not everyone is an ideal candidate. We require at least a photo by email or possibly a consultation to determine if this service is appropriate for you.