Feel Confident in Your Own Skin After Visiting a Billings, MT Med Spa

Find out why we're a preferred choice for laser treatments

At Plush Skincare Studio, you can take advantage of non-invasive laser treatments designed to rejuvenate your skin. The equipment we use can eliminate imperfections caused by age, sun damage, scars or genetics.

We're not your average med spa in Billings, Montana. We're committed to providing the best in cosmetic treatments to our clients. Unlike at other salons or spas, Plush Skincare Studio...


We offer advanced non-invasive, cosmetic technology for skin rejuvenation and removal of imperfections caused by age, the sun, scars and genetics. Most of our devices, and all of our lasers are classified as Class 4 medical devices. You will not find this equipment in salons or spas. We research and test equipment – sometimes for years – prior to offering it to our patients. We want to make sure that the technology meet our expectations, and that patients will be satisfied with the results. None of our staff is commissioned and our priority is making sure you are treated effectively and safely.

We require a complimentary consultation prior to recommending any type of laser treatment. When prescribing a skin health plan, we may recommend a combination of treatments to effectively achieve your results.  We often begin with a skin analysis which maps your skin, compares it nationally against your gender and age group, and allows us and you, to see the results and effectiveness of our advanced skin services.

Uses lasers that meet international safety standards.

We only use Class IV medical devices, and we do extensive research before using any new equipment on our patients.

Has a team of licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians.

Plus, none of our staff is commissioned. Our #1 priority is your safety.

Requires a complimentary consultation for laser treatments.

Before recommending a laser treatment, we'll ask you about your medical history and aesthetics goals.

You'll appreciate our level of commitment to patient satisfaction. Contact Plush Skincare Studio today to learn more about our services.

What to expect during your consultation

When prescribing a skin health plan, the Plush Skincare Studio team might recommend a combination of laser treatments that can deliver the results you're seeking. First, however, we'll start with a skin analysis.

This test...

  • Compares your skin type against people of your gender and age group
  • Can show you how your skin might look after your laser treatment
  • Can help our technicians determine the best treatment plan

Next, we'll discuss your medical history and goals. Finally, we'll talk with you about the different kinds of laser treatments available to you.

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